Sometimes, you don't even need 10.

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     Sometimes, all you need is 10 minutes to capture amazing headshots.  You also don’t always need an extravagant or rare location to capture breathtaking portraits.  We captured these images at Katherine Beasley’s home after she returned from her pageant interview.  She only had a few minutes to spare before heading back to the pageant for the big night.  We spent less than 10 minutes on each outfit in the front doorway of her home.  Photographing teens and seniors just prior to their pageant is an excellent time to capture some amazing portraits and memories.  You don’t always need much time to get that awesome shot, but a great Make-up Artist is needed to help achieve this look.  We can't stress how essential a great Make-up Artist is to portraits like these of Katherine.  Katherine did excellent and brought home a trophy for “Best Hair”.


Professional Hair & Make-up by Jennifer Spanick  








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