Don't disregard the small details; make the investment on a professional make-up artist!

June 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

     So, you have a professional photoshoot coming up ….  Should you splurge on professional makeup or “do it yourself”?  Does makeup really make a difference in your images?   Our answer is always YES!!  The camera often reveals things that the naked eye doesn’t always notice.  We highly recommend all of our clients have professional hair and make-up which can make a huge difference and provides a more polished end product!  We have some of the best professional hair and make-up artists in the Birmingham metro area that we recommend to all our clients.  We do not recommend any services we would not personally use ourselves.  We have used many of our artists’ for our personal pictures such as engagement, wedding, and maternity portraits.  We use them because we believe in them and we are confident that their work will provide us with a better portrait in the end.  We don’t want to just provide you with good pictures; we want to provide you with the best.  Whether you’re doing Pageant headshots, senior portraits, family portraits, or fashion photos, professional hair and make-up is worth the investment!


Professional make-up & hair by Ashla Taylor.  Model: Chrislyn Morse



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