Knowing your type of clients

February 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

     When we receive inquiries regarding shooting senior portraits we sometimes come across clients who state they are “shopping for a photographer”.  We recently received an email from a client stating they were “shopping for a photographer” and asked what specific ideas our photography studio had for creating a custom session. There are two things with this type of inquiry from a client that really stand out.

     One, the client states they are “shopping for a photographer”.  This usually means the client is looking for the best deal, the most “bang” for their buck.  When a client contacts us we want it to be because they have seen our work and are confident in the type of products we produce.  Shopping around means the client is basing their decision on price and quantity rather than experience, product, and quality.  Their final product will reflect that decision.  We don’t compete on pricing with other photography studios in the area for a reason.  We want to work for a client who sees our work and knows what makes us different from the competition.

     Two, the client is trying to get ideas from us on what type of custom session we can create.  This is information we discuss at the consultation.  Once a date is booked for a consultation and we meet with the senior, we are able to get a feel for the senior and provide ideas we have for the shoot at that time.  If we just provided our ideas through email, then the client could just take our ideas with them when they find the photography studio that “fits” their budget.  Through past experiences, we have learned both of these things the hard way. 

     They key to running a successful photography business, or any type of business for that matter, is knowing what type of clients you want to work for.  We have a specific type of client we want to work for and that is the type of client who values our work, products, and time as much as we do theirs. 


Class of 2014 Senior Model, Taylor Gibson, of Pinson Valley High School standing in Birmingham, AL


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