Rewind back to 2013. Part: 2 - Nick & Emily

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     We've had an amazing year together and with our photography. God has blessed us in so many ways and we are thankful. Here are some highlights of us from 2013. In these images either Emily was photographing me, or i was photographing her, or... I had the camera set on a timer to photograph both of us.


Our year started off with a trip to Callaway Gardens in Georgia and it is a beautiful place. We had a blast that weekend and we also did a photography workshop while we were there. We'll be going back to Callaway Gardens in the summer time very soon!

Date night with Emily to Oceans in southside of Birmingham Alabama. I photographed these with my Canon 5d mk III.


So the day before I proposed I took Emily to get a mani/pedi and then took her shopping for her professional photoshoot. The morning of the photoshoot I had her hair & make-up professional done. We went to the studio to start the photoshoot and I had the 5d mk III set on a tripod with a remote trigger and I had my Sony RX100 camera set up filming video too. So then I walked up to her and got down on one knee and proposed all while popping off shots with the 5d mk III from the remote trigger and it was being recorded with the Sony RX100 camera. So after she said yes we had an all day phootshoot of her and us together with a total of four outfit changes.  Watch the video below this collage and you'll actually see me proposing. I'm a lucky man!

The video is of when we met and pictures leading up to when I proposed to Emily at the studio and the actual proposal. I made this video and surprised Emily with this video at our wedding reception.


Cellphone picture of us in the studio during a photoshoot and wearing our P95 fitted t-shirts.


Our wedding portraits from 05/24/2013. It was a beautiful day at The Willows located in Cleveland, Alabama. We were blessed with a beautiful day and close family present for our wedding. It was an unforgettable day.


We were blessed with our baby boy Alexander "Lex" Reed Lisle born on 11/27/2013.




You can't really tell from the portraits but he has red hair just like his daddy. These were taken at the house just goofing off with the Canon 5d mk III and a strobe.


This is Lex's Superman cape and outfit. We're not big on trendy newborn portraits with goofy looking taboggans, but we decorated his room with all superhero paraphernalia. So we thought this little outfit seemed fitting.


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