Class of 2015 Senior Model Search!!!

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Class of 2015 SENIORS*** Do you want a bunch of free pictures with zero value, zero quality, and zero WOW factor to show friends and family? GOOD, WE DOUBTED YOU DID!!! Now how about the hottest senior portraits and fun experience to make your senior year...well...envious? Apply here -->

     We are currently searching for Class of 2015 Seniors to represent Project Nine Five Photography. We are one of the few photography studios in central Alabama that specializes in custom high school senior portraits. We really don't have any competition in the custom senior portrait photography for central Alabama. Instead of calling them competition we call them "others". While we provide the highest quality in our products that we provide. We also take care of our high school senior clients starting from the beginning to the in-person consultation, the photoshoot, to the in-person ordering session where we help you choose what collections and products best suit your needs. We are a low volume photography studio. So we can spend more time on our high school senior clients. "Others" photograph everything under the sun from newborns, landscapes, engagements, weddings, events, and take your money photographing you at the same exact spot they've photographed every other senior. "Others" don't meet you prior to the photoshoot and afterwards "others" will gladly offer you a cd in hopes that you become lucky enough to print images out to professional quality products. If they were competition then they'd be providing everything we do, but they don't. We know we're not for everyone. We are designed for the clients that want the absolute best in custom senior portraits that expect the highest quality products and that's what we deliver.

     Since we specialize in custom high school senior portraits we're able to offer things in our senior model program that other just can't. "Others" will offer free pictures. Sounds great, right?!?! That's what you'll receive is free pictures with zero value, zero quality, and zero WOW factor to show friends and family. I'm sure the seniors can't wait to one up their friends with their free senior portraits (insert sarcasm). Because we all know high school seniors want senior portraits that all their friends envy. We have paired up with multiple local vendors that sponsors our senior model photoshoots from clothes to designer sunglasses (Prada, Oakley, Zeal, Costa, Ray-Ban, and more). We also have multiple senior model photoshoots while our senior models represent Project Nine Five Photography aside from other incentives. We're the first senior portrait studio in Alabama to have a senior model party. Unfortunately, we can't divulge everything about what makes our senior model program so unique or next year you'll see everyone of the "Other's" posting it as their senior model program next year. ;)

     If you're interested in becoming one of the select Class of 2015 seniors from your school to represent Project Nine Five Photography then apply to the link listed.  You will be contacted if you are chosen as a senior model. After the senior has been contacted then we will want to set up an in-person consultation with the senior and parent(s) at the studio.


This is some of behind the scenes images from our class of 2014 senior models from the senior model party sporting their designer sunglasses.


This is our Class of 2014 Senior Model video. If you're chosen as our Class of 2015 Senior Model then you will be in next year's video.


Below are some images of our Class of 2014 Senior Models.




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